Low Loader Trailer for Garden Centres

Price on Application. Please contact us for details


Please contact us to discuss +44 (0)1384 424232 discounts for large quantities of 10 or more

This custom built heavy duty trailer is ideal for transporting from beds to dispatch or delivering from potting shed to beds.

It’s also ideal for working on narrow roads.


Trailer size:

4 x 1.2 m

4 x 1.2 m

4 x 1.5 m

5 x 1.2 m

5.5 x 1.5 m

5 x 1.8 m

Choice of three models:




Extra heavy duty chassis

Sealed ball bearings

Optional top rail to secure largest root ball tree

Special body for use as personnel carrier for internal use only

Loading capicity 1.5 tonnes


40/45/46 wheels (HD flat profile tyres)

Finish options

Hot dip galvanised or agricultural paint


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