Danish trolley plywood Shelf


Shelves for Danish trolleys come in three different qualities. The price is per unit.


Please contact us to discuss +44 (0)1384 424232 discounts for large quantities of 10 or more

The wooden shelves for Danish trolleys are available in two different qualities.

With the first quality, the edges are made of 1.8 mm sendzimir steel, and the hook is 5 mm thick. The shelf is 6 mm thick, and made of 5 layer poplar wood and bamboo. The weight of these shelves is 4.3 kg.

The second quality is a heavier duty version, where the 3 mm borders are made of galvanized (hot dip) steel, and the hooks are 6 mm thick. The shelf is 6.5 mm thick and consists of 5 layer birch plywood. The weight of the heavier duty version is 6 kg. The heavy duty quality is the same as those from the container centrals.

Aside from our wooden shelves, we also have plastic or iron shelves available.


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