Our Products

Our Products

All of our products are manufactured to order in the UK using a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing resources are backed up by our extensive design and manufacturing engineering expertise in the design and development of a wide range of products. 

This expertise has been used to great effect to build our range of innovative, practical and great value Castlefield products together with the effective production methods used to manufacture them.

Quality is controlled though the wide range of processes and skills available to us means that we can manufacture products for you in small or large quantities, using the best methods to provide the most economical solution.

Ongoing continuous development of new and existing products in close co-operation with our horticultural clients means that the Castlefield range will have a standard product to meet your needs in the vast majority of cases.

However, should this not be the case, our capability in manufacturing bespoke products can easily be bought into play and we are very happy to work with you on the development of unique products to meet your exact needs and circumstances.