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Fruit Harvesting

Over the last 50 years we have developed an extensive range of products especially for the soft fruit market. Our customers have come to recognise our outstanding quality, as much as they appreciate our great value.

Our standard soft fruit harvesting product range which includes trolleys, barrows, sledges and trailers have been designed in close co-operation with our customers to give effective solutions to their harvesting needs.

And today, we continue to develop our products to keep up with the continuing changes in growing practices.


Horticultural Products

We offer a comprehensive range of horticulture equipment designed for for garden centres, nurseries, soft fruit growers, wholesalers and distributors and we have established an outstanding reputation for quality and service.

Our extensive experience of providing great value with outstanding quality equipment ensures that our trolleys, barrows and display benches are ideal for garden centres and nurseries.

You will also find an extensive range of soft fruit harvesting picking trolleys, tabletop trolleys and sledges too, plus an extensive range of standard and bespoke trailers for all horticultural applications.


Conquest Rolling Bench for Garden Centres

Conquest RB fro GC

Conquest Rolling Bench for

Garden Centres

Utilise up to 95% of your building space for propagation and maximise your efficiency as the rolling tops reduce the number of pathways needed between benches.


Built to order sizes to maximise space in building (0.9 - 2m widths)                              

ModularSystem, can be added to as required.

Choice of tops- wire mesh or flood trays and heat pads.

Tailor made to your size requirement.    

Overhead trolley system can be added.     

Simple customer assembly with basic tools - plus Installation service available.    

Low maintenance.

Leg options

Fixed feet as standard or with optional adjustable legs


Hot Dip Galvanised