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Castlefield Products Limited is a member of The Bird Stevens Manufacturing Group of companies who have a track record of more than 100 years in the manufacturing of metal products.

Over the years we have brought all of this manufacturing experience together with more than 50 years of close co-operation with horticultural clients to develop a comprehensive range of equipment for Garden Centres, Nurseries, Soft Fruit Growers, Wholesalers and Distributors.

All products are manufactured to order in our own UK factories using a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing facilities.

We have an extensive press shop, computer controlled tube manipulation, laser cutting and press brake facilities, fabrication facilities with MIG and TIG welding capability, together with a fully equipped sheet metalwork shop and finishing facilities including hot dip galvanising.

Our manufacturing resources are backed up by our extensive design and manufacturing engineering expertise in the design and development of a wide range of products used across many other industries.

This expertise has been used to great effect to build our range of innovative, practical and great value Castlefield products together with the effective production methods used to manufacture them.

Quality is controlled within our ISO 9001 2008 standards and the wide range of processes and skills available to us in our manufacturing company means that we can manufacture products for you in small or large quantities, using the best methods to provide the most economical solution.

Ongoing continuous development of new and existing products in close co-operation with our horticultural clients means that the Castlefield range will have a standard product to meet your needs in the vast majority of cases.

However, should this not be the case, our capability in manufacturing bespoke products can easily be bought into play and we are very happy to work with you on the development of unique products to meet your exact needs and circumstances.

Consumer Equipment


Our clients ...
  • Classic galvanised metal painted vases
  • Classic Galvanised metal painted planters
  • Incinerator
  • Watford Universal soil sieve
  • Watford E floor standing soil sieve
  • Kingston E
  • Suffolk Narrow Aisle Trolley
  • Melrose Mk11 Trolley
  • Melrose Mk111 Trolley
  • Gainsborough Mk11 Trolley
  • Shilton Trolley
  • Cambridge Trolley
  • Daily Shopper Trolley
  • Sussex Nesting Trolley
  • Garden Centre Plant Porter
  • Customer Baskets
  • Zipper E
  • Evesham E
  • Apex E balancing
  • Centurian 4 wheel traditional staff trolley
  • Centurian Balancing Trolley
  • Root Ball Trolley for Garden Centre Staff
  • Plant Trolley
  • Kew Potting Bench
  • Twickenham Bench
  • Banbury Mobile Display Bench
  • Cambridge Display Bench
  • Cambridge Modular Propagation Bench
  • The Castlefield Small Potting Bench
  • Conquest Rolling Bench
  • Castlefield Hanging Basket Tree
  • Bush Bank Trailer
  • Castle Star Trailer
  • EuroStar Trailer
  • Ascot Trailer
  • Econo Star Trailer
  • Anglia Trailer
  • Low Loader Trailer
  • Hereford Trailer
  • Cambrian Danish Trolley Road Trailer
  • Danish Trolley Transporter
  • Danish Trolley Transporter (single trolley)
  • Danish Trolley Carrier
  • Senator Electrically Driven Trolley
  • Water bowser
  • Solid wheels for trolleys
  • Pneumatic wheels for trolleys
  • Metal transporter cages
  • Tip Skip Metal
  • Tip Skip static
  • Marden table top trolley
  • Lutton Harvesting barrow
  • Lutton harvesting trolley
  • Wye harvesting trolley
  • Marden 11 Harvesting trolley
  • Pencoyd trolley
  • Avon Maltmass
  • The Castlefield Fruit Harvesting Sledge
  • Bush Bank table top trolley
  • Marden table top trolley
  • Marden MK11
  • Marden Mk111 table top trolley
  • Raspberry step trolley
  • Dorchester harvesting trolley
  • Lutton E harvesting barrow
  • Lutton harvesting barrow
  • Zipper barrow
  • Hereford Field to Packhouse Trailer
  • Anglia field to packhouse trailer
  • Graveney Field to packhouse trailer
  • Bush bank fruit growers trailer
  • Bellmont infield hand wash trailer
  • Beverly Empty tray pallet trailer
  • Senator electrically driven trolley